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FRESNO, CA January 5, 2015 – In an interview earlier today, Mark Shirin, President of Ventura Broadcasting Company (VBC), a division of Ventura TV Video Appliance Center, Inc. announced the launch of several new channels and some updates to existing networks’ channel positions.

Shirin announced, “Ventura Broadcasting Company will be welcoming six new television networks to our lineup this January, including our own store channel ‘The Ventura Channel’, in addition to, Launch TV, DOD News, Movee4U, Rev’N, and Diya TV. Since acquiring KVHF Channel 4, we have expanded our family of networks to 22 and consolidated them by genre, thereby making it more convenient for our viewers to browse their favorite channels.”


Network Now On Moving To
Tuff TV KVBC 13.7 KVHF 4.2
Jewelry TV KBID 31.4 KVBC 13.7
Diya TV New! KBID 31.4 (Coming Soon)
Untamed Sports KVBC 13.8 KVHF 4.3
The Ventura Channel New! KVBC 13.8 (Coming Soon)
BizTV/DOD News* KVBC 13.5 KVHF 4.6
Launch TV New! KVBC 13.5 (Coming Soon)
Rev’N New! KVHF 4.4 (Coming Soon)
Movee4U New! KVHF 4.7 (Coming Soon)

* Department of Defense (DOD) News can be seen on BizTV daily from 12-1pm, 2-6pm, and 9pm-6am.


KGMC 43.6 KVHF 4 KVBC 13 KBID 31
43.6 – MeTV 4.2 – Tuff TV4.3 – Untamed Sports4.4 – Rev’N4.6 – BizTV/DOD News4.7 – Movee4U 13.1 – MeTV13.2 – Heartland13.3 – Movies!13.4 – Retro TV13.5 – Launch TV13.6 – YouToo America13.7 – Jewelry TV

13.8 – The Ventura Channel

13.9 – Dr. TV

13.10 – PBJ

31.1 – EuroNews*31.2 – MiCasa31.3 – Al Mayadeen News31.4 – Diya TV31.5 – AMGA TV31.6 – Horizon31.7 – M|Club

* Also available in Russian language. Look for channel language settings from your TV’s audio options menu.

Recent signal range tests and telephone surveys have revealed that viewers are receiving crisp, clear, signals from as far away as Turlock to the North, Wasco to the South, and Los Baños to the West.

Viewers in the Fresno metro area can now tune in to over 85, free, digital broadcast television channels 24 hours a day, by simply connecting an outdoor antenna to their digital TV or converter box.

The following new networks will soon be available to Valley viewers courtesy of Ventura Broadcasting Company.

Channel 4.4 Rev’n TV
Rev’N offers original programming dedicated to vehicle performance enthusiasts or ‘All things revving!” with its lineup of programs focused on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, events, auctions and more.

Website: www.revntv.com

Channel 4.6 DOD News
Department of Defense (DOD News) is the official military news and information network for the 2.6 million members of the U.S. Armed Forces. DOD News’ broadcasts include Department of Defense news briefings, military news, interviews with top defense officials, short stories about the work of the United States military, and military lifestyle programming. DOD News will broadcast at the following times daily: 12-1pm, 2-6pm, and 9pm-6am

Website: http://dodnews.defense.gov

Channel 4.7 Movee4U
Movee4U features exciting original and popular series, cooking, sports, music, comedy, drama, undiluted classic Western series, feature films, and original movies. Movee4U also offers children’s programming afterschool and Saturday mornings.

Website: www.mylaunchtv.com

Channel 13.5 Launch TV
Launch TV is a new multi-media family entertainment network introducing which includes a blend of feature films, original series, family/children’s programming, sports, news, and music. The network’s film lineup includes A-list stars such as Tom Hanks, Charlie Sheen, Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, Jack Nicholson and many more. The network’s original series include Young Disciples, Broken Hearts Club, and Hey Diddle Diddle.

Website: www.mylaunchtv.net

Channel 13.8 The Ventura Channel
The Ventura Channel is Ventura TV Video Appliance Center’s own unique TV channel which features new trends in appliances and electronics, in-depth product reviews, product demos, how-to videos, and entertaining short clips of HD scenery from around the world.

Website: www.venturatv.com

Channel 31.4 Diya TV (Hindi/English Language)
Diya TV is America’s first 24/7 free digital over-the-air South Asian TV network, which targets the 2nd and 3rd generation English speaking South Asians. Diya TV is breaking new ground in South Asian programming, rooted in news and investigative journalism, featuring programming in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Marathi and Bengali.

Website: www.diyatvusa.com

If you are not currently receiving these channels, we recommend you re-scan your television. For detailed instructions on how to rescan your television, additional program information, show schedules, channel guides, and more, visit www.venturabroadcasting.com.

About Ventura Broadcasting Company
Launched in March 2014, Ventura Broadcasting Company (VBC) became the first retailer-owned independent television broadcasting company in U.S. history. The company features its flagship channel, Chicago-based MeTV Network, which is available on KGMC 43.6, KVBC 13.1, Comcast 187, and Northland Cable channels 2 & 9 and is currently ranked as the #1 classic TV network in the country per 2014 Nielsen ratings. Other multi-cast networks in the VBC line-up, include: Tuff TV (KVHF 4.2), Untamed Sports (KVHF 4.3),

Rev’n TV (KVHF 4.4), BizTV / DOD News (KVHF 4.6), Movee4U (KVHF 4.7), Heartland TV (KVBC 13.2), Movies! (KVBC 13.3), Retro TV (KVBC 13.4), Launch TV (KVBC 13.5), YouToo America (KVBC 13.6), Jewelry TV (KVBC 13.7), The Ventura Channel (KVBC 13.8), DrTV (KVBC 13.9), PBJ (KVBC 13.10), Euronews (KBID 31.1), Mi Casa (KBID 31.2), Al Mayadeen (KBID 31.3), Diya TV (KBID 31.4), AMGA TV (KBID 31.5), Horizon Armenian TV (KBID 31.6), and ‘M | Club’ Music Video Network (KBID 31.7)

About Ventura TV Video Appliance Center

Founded in 1951 in Fresno, California by pioneering Valley businessman, Edward Shirin, Ventura TV Video Appliance Center has been the ‘local choice’ for America’s favorite electronics and home appliance brands. Since its inception, Ventura TV has seen 10 U.S. Presidents and at least twice as many competitors come and go. Today, 64 years later and after having served three generations of loyal customers at their Fresno location at 3619 E. Ventura Ave., Ventura TV is managed by Edward’s son, Mark Shirin, carrying on the same tradition of offering expert advise, excellent customer service, and real discounts everyday. As a member of Nationwide Marketing Group, the nation’s largest buying group for independent retailers of Electronics and Home Appliances, Ventura TV effectively competes against the national Big Box Stores, leveraging the group’s collective annual buying power of more than $14 billion dollars.

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Media Contacts:

Ventura Broadcasting Company

Ara Catchatoorian, 559-436-6388 ext.13, ara@venturabroadcasting.com

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Existing Channel Lineup

Channel 4.2 Tuff TV
Tuff TV offers original programming targeted at men and the specific pursuits, interests, and hobbies they are passionate about. TUFF TV provides a mix of male-specific genres on one network. Programming content consists of Sports, Lifestyle, Drama, Reality, Talk, Specials & Movies, including popular shows such as Dog The Bounty Hunter, Cold Squad, and Lake Commandos, as well as, original shows such as, Auto Wars and STIHL Timbersports.

Website: www.tufftv.com

Channel 4.3 Untamed Sports
Filling the void in the greater outdoor sports industry, Untamed Sports is designed as the television gateway for an under served adult demographic, who are devoted to, and aspire to participate in outdoor sports and activities. Programming consists of shows focusing on Adventure Sports, Martial Art/Combat Sports, Field Sports, Lifestyle Sports, Outdoor Recreation, and Motor Sports with shows like Hard Charge, Planet X, The Art of Fighting, Ultimate Combat Experience, American Spirit, Sopwith Motorsports, and more.

Website: www.untamed.tv

Channel 4.6 BizTV
BizTV, just as it sounds, is all about business. Targeted at entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals looking to learn how to better manager their assets and finances, BizTV is the only network committed to original, educational and inspiring programming about real people succeeding in business. BizTV features shows about Sales & Marketing, Management, Finance, and Work-Life Balance. Viewers can find the resources they need to manage their money, start their next venture or grow their business on shows such as Boomer’s Braintrust, MomsTown, Taxman, Money TV, and The Capitalist, to name a few. BizTV is shared with Department of Defense (DOD) News.

BizTV is aired at the following times daily: 6am-12pm,1-2pm, 6pm-9pm

Website: www.biztv.com

Channel 13.1 Me-TV Fresno (Simulcast of KGMC 43.6)
Me-TV features a wide range of classic television programming, some of the best programming written for television, that audiences and advertisers find comfortable and engaging. Its library includes series from Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and CBS Television Distribution as well as independent series owners and producers. Some of the comedies on Me-TV are: M*A*S*H, Dragnet, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Love Lucy and The Bob Newhart Show. Dramas on the network include: Perry Mason, Daniel Boone, Emergency, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, the original Star Trek and the original Hawaii Five-O series.

Website: www.metvnetwork.com

Channel 13.2 Heartland TV
Heartland features the hottest new country music videos, live specials, and a wealth of classic country content. Its exclusive vintage programs showcase the best in country music during the past decades while its new programming and live performances connect with today’s viewers through relevant and compelling, country music and entertainment programming found exclusively on Heartland.

Website: www.watchheartlandtv.com

Channel 13.3 Movies!
Movies! presents timeless, iconic, star-powered movies that have not been seen in years with big name stars familiar to all. The network features a variety of feature films, from 20th Cenury Fox, Paramount Pictures, and other studios, from the 1940’s through the 1990’s. Films such as, High Noon, Murphy’s Romance, Look Who’s Talking, Zorba the Greek, Reds, Jacob’s Ladder, and The Bells of St. Mary’s are just a handful of the blockbuster films available on Movies!

Website: www.moviestvnetwork.com

Channel 13.4 Retro TV
Retro TV is the original national broadcast network offering a wide range of classic television hits. Retro TV programming includes great shows like Highway to Heaven, I Spy, The Saint, Ozzie and Harriet, Hopalong Cassidy, Lassie, Route 66, and many more!

Website: www.myretrotv.com

Channel 13.6 Youtoo America
Youtoo TV is the world’s first interactive TV network! The engaged audience becomes part of the programming using live polling, text to TV and other user-generated content. Youtoo boasts over 10 hours a day of live and original content, as well as movies, features and music programming. With Youtoo TV, viewers won’t just watch TV… they’ll be ON TV

Website: www.youtoo.com

Channel 13.7 Jewelry TV
Started in 1993 Jewelry Television is the largest retailer of loose gemstones and one of the top 4 electronic jewelry retailers in the United States.

Website: www.jtv.com

Channe 13.9 DrTV
DrTV is a broadcast television network that brings viewers the latest in medical news, entertainment and medicine with a variety of stories on healthy lifestyles, proper eating, and living longer.

Website: www.DrTVChannel.com

Channel 13.10 PBJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) Cartoon Network
PBJ, “designed for the kid in all of us,” will offer iconic characters and shows from the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s 12 hours a day. Its programming features well-known classic cartoons and children’s shows including The Archies, Mr. Magoo, Gumby, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, as well as, adult-friendly shows like, Dog & Cat Training with Joel Silverman. The Lone Ranger, and Lassie.

Website: www.watchpbj.com

Channel 31.1 Euronews
Euronews is the most-watched news channel in Europe and is a full multimedia platform for viewers on the move. Euronews broadcasts world news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since its launch in 1993, Euronews has been offering objective and non-biased news programming from around the world with a team of over 400 journalists from 25 different countries working together to report on relevant stories for a global audience. The programming line-up is a mix of shows focused on innovation, technology, science, culture, life, music, politics, and more. Shows include, Generation Y, Futuris, Hi-Tech, Cinema, For Children in War, Musica, On the Frontline, and Real Economy, to name a few.

Website: www.euronews.com

Channel 31.2 Mi Casa (English)
Mi Casa Network is the premiere provider of entertainment for the evolving Latino-American community, offering comedies, music, news, reality, sports, politics, and lifestyle entertainment in English with a distinct Latino flavor. With over 350 hours of original programming shot in its state-of-the-art HD virtual production studios and 1,500 hours of licensed programming, Mi Casa Network offers fresh and original entertainment for today’s Latino-American community.

Website: www.mcbntv.com

Channel 31.3 Al Mayadeen (Arabic Languague)

Al Mayadeen, which translates into “The Squares” is an Arabic-language news network originating from Beirut, Lebanon. Al Mayadeen broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and features ten daily news reports, news talk shows, and many unique programs. One of its programs, A Free Word, is hosted by British politician, writer, and broadcaster, George Galloway.

Website: www.almayadeen.net

Channel 31.5 AMGA TV (Armenian, Russian, and English Language)
Armenian Media Group of America (AMGA TV) established in 1999, offers Armenian, Russian, and English language news, current affairs, political, religious, and cultural arts & entertainment programming broadcast all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and abroad. Produced at their state-of-the-art studios in Southern California, AMGA TV programming includes shows like, AMGA News, Zhamanak News (Current Affairs), Varaguyr (The Curtain), Harmony TV, and more.

Website: www.amga.tv

Channel 31.6 Horizon (Armenian Language)
Horizon Television debuted in May of 1989 with a mission to inform and serve the Armenian-American community. Over the next ten years, Horizon became a broadcast outlet for news and entertainment for the expanding Armenian diaspora. In 1999, Horizon expanded its reach and became the first 24-hour Armenian language television network offering global news and programming from Armenia, the Middle East, and the United States. Horizon has provided groundbreaking coverage of all things Armenian for over 25 years.

Website: www.horizonarmeniantv.com

Channel 31.7 M | Club (Armenian/English Language)
M | Club, also seen as a daily music video segment on Horizon (KBID 31.6), is a 24hr Armenian / English music video channel. The network features music videos, interviews, and live concerts from today’s hottest Armenian pop stars, as well as, legendary stars like Harout, Paul, Adis, and more.



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