Tuff TV 04-2  KVHF-LD  Tuff TV TUFF TV offers programming aimed at men, consisting of seven genres including Sports, Lifestyle, Drama, Reality, Talk, Specials, and Movies. TUFF TV content features NCAA Division II football and basketball, mixed martial arts, wrestling, outdoors, adventure, music, motorsports, and more. Original programming, produced under the TUFF Originals banner, includes reality series Auto Wars and Woodwalkers.
Untamed Sports 04-3  KVHF-LD  Untamed Sports Untamed Sports is a national network that consists of shows focusing on Adventure Sports, Martial Arts/Combat Sports, Field Sports, Lifestyle Sports, Outdoor Recreation, and Motor Sports.
Rev'N TV - All things revving! 04-4  KVHF-LD  Rev'N TV

Rev’N offers original programming dedicated to vehicle performance enthusiasts or ‘All things revving!” with its lineup of programs focused on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, events, auctions and more.

Biz TV 04-6*  KVHF-LD  BizTV BizTV is targeted at entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals looking to learn how to better manage their assets and finances, BizTV features original, educational and inspiring programming about real people succeeding in business.
Westerns 4U 04-8  KVHF-LD  Westerns4U Westerns4U is a network dedicated to Westerns includng classic television series, classic & contemporary top 40 country music videos, and cinematic features.
MeTV 13-01   KVBC-LD   MeTV

Me-TV features a wide range of classic television programming from Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and CBS Television, as well as, independent series owners and producer. Network trademark shows include, Perry Mason, M*A*S*H, Star Trek, Bonanza, Rifleman, and much more!

Heartland 13-02   KVBC-LD   Heartland Heartland features the hottest new country music videos, live specials, and a wealth of classic country TV shows, concerts, talk-shows, and more.
Justice Network 13-05   KVBC-LD   Justice Network

With spokesman John Walsh at it's forefront, Justice Network is a broadcast television network that entertains and informs viewers with gripping crime and investigation programming while making communities safer. Justice Network provides a first-of-its-kind public service initiative that helps catch fugitives, find missing children and provide safety tips for its viewers.

YouToo 13-06   KVBC-LD   YouToo

Youtoo America is the world's first interactive Social TV network. Using patented technology, you can be a part of the show by submitting videos, texting to TV or voting in real time! Youtoo America's prime time programming gives you the chance to participate in the conversation as you interact about the trending topics of the day. Network signature shows include, The Daily Buzz, Emotional Mojo, Raceline, Geek Beat TV, America Trends with Dr. Gina, and The Big Biz Show. LOCAL PREMPTIONS: Jewelry TV 9AM-2PM daily, Connect With Me (local, call-in, talk-show) 2PM-3PM weekdays

Newsmax 13-10   KVBC-LD   Newsmax Newsmax is a conservative/right-wing American 24hr news station. Newsmax has a sizable staff of news correspondents and editorialists, including George Will, Kathleen Parker, Lanny Davis, and Alan Dershowitz.. Regulars include Christopher W. Ruddy, David Limbaugh, Ben Stein, Steve Malzberg, Susan Estrich, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Michael Reagan.
Euronews 31-1   KBID-LD Euronews (English) The most-watched news channel in Europe, Euronews broadcasts 24/7 offering objective and non-biased news programming from around the world. The programming line-up focuses on world news, innovation, technology, science, culture, life, music, politics and more.
Deutsche Welle (DW) 31-2   KBID-LD DW News (English) Broadcasting worldwide 24 hours a day in English from Berlin, Germany, DW News is the flagship for Deutsche Welle (DW) broadcasting with continuous coverage of key stories from Europe and the world. Programming that covers culture, global business and economics add to the rich variety of content tailored for North American audiences.
Al Mayadeen 31-3   KBID-LD Al Mayadeen (Arabic) Al Mayadeen ("The Squares" in Arabic) is an international news network originating from Beirut, Lebanon. Al Mayadeen broadcasts 24/7 and features ten daily news reports, news talk shows and many unique programs.
Noor TV Network 31-7   KBID-LD

Noor TV

Noor TV offers a mix of Armenian and English language news briefs, documentaries, televised specials, live concerts, cultural, and religious events, as well as, music videos in a wide variety of genres including Pop, Contemporary, Folk, Patriotic, and Traditional Armenian music.
Hmong USA TV 31-9   KBID-LD Hmong USA TV Hmong USA TV is a Fresno, California based Hmong-language television network that features a variety of children's and family programming, talk-shows, cultural arts, dramas, and news.
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