Free TV in 3 Easy Steps!

Step One: Buy An Outdoor Antenna

Connect your television or converter box to an OUTDOOR antenna!  Antenna Kits start as low as $39.99!

Step Two: Scan for Channels

Rotate your antenna towards Auberry, California, then scan your television to receive the FREE TV channels!

Step Three: Watch Free TV!

Browse your local showtimes and tune in to your favorite channel for unlimited FREE digital TV!

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Antenna Art

Sales of TV antennas on the rise, here’s how to buy one

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With more people cutting cable and pay TV, antenna sales are rising By Tamara Chuang | PUBLISHED: November 27, 2016 at 12:01 am | UPDATED: November 27, 2016 at 1:22 am About 10 times a month, Anthony Leyba climbs up on top of a stranger’s roof or attic to install a TV antenna. That’s

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US TV: erosion, not implosion

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TMT Predictions 2016 Deloitte Global predicts that the US traditional television market, the world’s largest at about $170 billion in 2016, will see erosion on at least five fronts: the number of pay-TV subscribers; pay-TV penetration as a percent of total population; average pay-TV monthly bill; consumers switching to antennas for watching TV; and live

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These are the TV channels getting crushed by people ditching their expensive cable packages

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Cable TV companies could lose nearly $1 billion to people cutting the cord over the next year, but some channels will be hit harder than others. Earlier this year, analysts at Barclays argued that channels you watch when you’re feeling lazy, “inertia channels,” will have a tough time competing moving forward. Others, like BTIG’s Rich

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Survey says: streaming in, cable out

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October 9, 2016 A little over a year ago, after noticing another price increase in the monthly cable bill, the decision to cut the cord and be free of the 600 channels that weren’t being watched became a reality. As luck would have it, the decision to cut the cord was made easier, and certainly

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Press Release: FreeTVFresno.Com Asks Valley Viewers for Participation

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Fresno, CA – FreeTVFresno.Com (a local website educating viewers about free, over-the-air broadcast television) is encouraging local viewers to participate in the Central Valley TV Viewership Survey now through Saturday, September 10, 2016.  The valuable input collected by this survey will help content providers evaluate shifts in TV viewing habits here in the Central Valley. 

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Review of the Channel Master DVR+

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Posted By: Stephen Lovely July 14, 2016 Free over-the-air TV forms a huge part of what we cover here on, and for good reason. Surveys show that cord cutters are increasingly awakening to the potential of OTA TV, which offers many cord cutters the chance to watch local news and major network broadcasts for

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