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DTV is Digital Television. Digital Television (DTV) is an advanced broadcasting technology that will transform your television viewing experience. You can get DTV in many ways. You can pay for it via cable or satellite, or you can get it free, directly from the broadcast (also known as, over-the-air) TV stations.

DTV in High Quality SD and HD
Most people think of broadcast TV as their grandparents’ rabbit ears that they were always adjusting, only to get fuzz! Gone are the days of snowy and ghosting images. With broadcast DTV, all channels are crystal-clear and sound great! When it comes to High Definition (HD), broadcast DTV, HD channels look better than paid TV services. DTV broadcasts stations don’t compress their signals like cable and satellite, so their HD programming has higher resolution, more detail, and crisper pictures. Best of all, it’s free.

Free DTV in Fresno and the Central Valley
Now that broadcast stations are digital, there are more channels than ever! In the United States, Fresno is second only to Los Angeles with the number of channels that are available for FREE! There are over 45 channels just in Fresno and more are coming soon! With the right antenna, Central Valley viewers can expand their viewable channels to include channels as far away as Bakersfield.

Broadcast DTV Offers Programming That You Love to Watch
You may not be aware of the multitude of free programming options now available. Central Valley broadcast TV viewers can now enjoy all the major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and TheHub, a joint venture between CBS, UPN, and Warner Bros. Additionally, viewers can view dedicated movie channels, Spanish and other foreign language networks, a world news network, family-oriented nostalgic and classic TV networks, NBC’s Universal Sports network, music video channels, religious, ethnic, and even shopping channels – all for free! Many of these channels are not even offered on the paid services.

What Channels Are Available?
Click here to check out the complete list of channels and descriptions.

The Digital TV (DTV) Transition
The 2009 Digital TV (DTV) Transition passed by Congress revolutionized television viewing in the United Stages – learn more about this historic transition and DTV by visiting www.DTV.gov.