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Outdoor TV Installation

New to Free TV?

FreeTVFresno.Com is here to help you! Simply complete and submit the form on this page and a representative from our authorized, local installer Ventura TV Video Appliance Center will contact you.

Basic Installation Includes:

  • Site survey of your home (both inside and outside) for optimum antenna location and path for the cable run.
  • Review the best antenna choices for your given location and viewing needs.
  • Installation and signal peaking of antenna.
  • The neatly routing of cable to one television in your home.
  • Setup and programming of your TV for available television channels.
  • Instructions on how to tune-in digital TV channels.

Need Additional Services?

Call Ventura TV at (559) 265-4326 with questions or to receive a quotation for professional services not included in this offer, including:

  • Installation of cable down interior walls
  • Cabling to additional TVs
  • Mounting flat panel TVs on walls
  • In-wall or in-ceiling speaker installation
  • Attic, multi-story, and under house work
  • Set-up & programming of Smart TVs, Blu-ray Players, and other networked (Wi-Fi) devices
  • Home Theatre Installation
  • Sound bar set up and mounting

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